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Claiming Ghost of Tsushima Legends on PS Plus Locks You Out of PS5 Upgrade Discount

Players who have redeemed Ghost of Tsushima Legends PS Plus version have reported that they’re locked out of PS4 to PS5 Director’s Cut upgrade discount. The issue was first brought to light over a week ago on Reddit and has since been reported on ResetEra, but Sony has yet to fix it. A number of players have contacted the company so it’s well-aware of the issue. One Redditor even contacted developer Sucker Punch Productions, but was redirected to PlayStation customer support because the issue is on PSN’s side.

How to fix Ghost of Tsushima Legends PS Plus upgrade issue

It appears that the only way to “fix” the problem right now is contacting Sony’s support helpline and asking them to “refund” Legends’ PS Plus version. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck with the full-priced PS5 version of Director’s Cut, should you wish to make the switch to next gen. Players who have contacted customer support and explained the situation had Legends’ PS Plus version removed from their library. They were then asked to restore licenses. Doing so brings back the Director’s Cut PS4 to PS5 upgrade option at a discounted price. If you’re unable to get through to a support agent then you’re out of luck and will be stuck with the full-priced PS5 game.

Opinion: Sony needs to learn from Xbox Smart Delivery

Zarmena writes… Xbox’s Smart Delivery makes Sony’s infrastructure look piss poor and dated. Time and time again issues like these crop up and considering we’re well into the next gen in the year of our lord 2022, this isn’t a good look. Sony needs to: a. consider overhauling its network and systems b. acknowledge such issues and resolve them promptly without players having to reach out weeks after they’ve been initially reported. Sincerely, a fan.

In other news, players have found a way to pause Elden Ring, and PS5’s latest system software update is available now.

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