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Elden Ring Speedrunner Beats Game in Under 50 Minutes

FromSoftware’s games have been a mainstay of the speedrunning community, and we’re starting to see how quickly Souls veterans can make it through Elden Ring. While the Speedrun.com leaderboards haven’t opened up yet, we’ve seen a few preliminary runs, with the lowest so far being just under 50 minutes.

What’s the world record Elden Ring speedrun so far?

Without the Speedrun.com leaderboards, it’s tough to track speedruns. Right now, the quickest time we’ve found for an Elden Ring Any% run is 49:29 from Distortion2. This prolific speedrunner was able to obtain this amazing time during his first attempt at speedrunning the game. So, we can expect the world record time to get even lower as runners perfect their techniques.

While categories for Elden Ring speedrunning haven’t been formally established yet, Distortion2’s run is presented as an Any%. “Any%” typically means that players are going for the fastest time from the game’s start to finish regardless of how much is completed. For this particular playthrough, it means Distortion2 can skip the normal prerequisite of two Great Runes to enter the capital (and skip the first verison of the capital entirely) by using glitches to sequence break the game.

The runner only had to fight four bosses to complete the game, which is quite the feat. Despite reaching an impressive completion time of 49:29, there’s still a lot of optimization that can be done on the run. Distortion2 experienced several deaths, and with optimized routing, the game could probably see an Any% completion time under 40 minutes. So, we can expect to see this record beat multiple times as runners get in more practice. We’ll also see the appearance of some lengthier categories, such as All Bosses.

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