Fortnite Skin Chloe Kim Cup

Fortnite Reveals New Skin for Olympic Champion Chloe Kim

Epic Games has unveiled that Chloe Kim, two-time Olympic gold medalist for the women’s halfpipe, will be getting her very own Fortnite skin. As part of the Icon Series, Kim will be sliding into the game on March 24, with her Outfit and accessories becoming available for sale two days later. That said, if you perform well in the Chloe Kim Cup also starting on March 24, you can unlock the Chloe Kim Outfit and more without having to purchase them at all.

What is the Chloe Kim Cup and is her Fortnite skin part of the rewards?

Fortnite Skin Chloe Kim Cup

The Chloe Kim Cup is a no-build Duos tournament where players have a chance to earn the Chloe Kim Outfit as well as one of her accessories, the Sub-Zero Flight Back Bling which looks like a pair of icy angel wings. Those who earn at least eight points across the tournament will get Nunbola’s Flight Loading Screen, which is a highly detailed picture of Chloe Kim riding an ice-blue dragon in the air.

To earn as many points as possible, you can play up to ten matches within your region’s three-hour time window (you can go to the Compete tab in the game to figure out what that time window will be). The player in the first place will bank 25 points while the last two places will net only 1 point, with each elimination also awarding 1 point each. Before being allowed into the Chloe Kim Cup, your account needs to be at least level 50, you must have 2FA enabled, and your Epic account needs to be verified.

The Chloe Kim Fortnite skin will come in four distinct styles. Back to Back is a black snowsuit with a gold dragon (pictured above), whereas the Pink Poppies outfit is a sleek pink and blue snowsuit. The Pink Poppies will have two variations: Icy Infusion which gradually makes the outfit get covered in ice, and Deep Freeze which makes it covered in ice right from the start. Those looking for that sweet ice dragon will want to score the Nunbola Glider accessory too.

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