PS5 Restock July 11

PS5 Restock July 11, 2022: Is It in Stock to Buy Today? (US, UK)

It’s Monday, which means the start of a brand new week of PS5 restock news. It’s a big week for deals, with Amazon Prime Day, Best Buy’s Black Friday in July, and retailers teasing big sales. Both US and UK hopefuls should be on their toes, ready and waiting for stores selling PS5s. Here’s all of the latest information in this PSLS PS5 Restock Update for July 11, 2022.

Which US stores have PS5 stock for today, July 11?

US PS5 Console Restock Update

For today, July 11, those trying to track down a PS5 in the US will want to get caught up on Best Buy’s “Black Friday in July.” In addition to discounted items, the retailer has confirmed that PS5 stock will start becoming available tomorrow at 12 PM ET/9 AM PT. The Totaltech membership is needed for early access to these deals, which is likely going to be necessary in order to secure the PS5s.

While waiting for that drop, get yourself signed up to the and PlayStation Direct pages to register your interest as a backup. After all, Amazon Prime Day is also kicking off tomorrow!

  • Best Buy – Restocking tomorrow at 12 PM ET/9 AM PT.
  • Amazon – Registering interest and Amazon Prime Day approaches!
  • PS Direct – Registering interest!
  • GameStop – Restock occurred on June 24.
  • Target – Reporting its stock levels every day on the Target website.
  • Walmart – Restocked on June 2.
  • Sam’s Club – Drop happened on May 19.
  • BJs – Bundle restock happened on May 19.
  • AntOnline – Restock occurred on July 6.

US PS5 Accessories Restock Update

Though it’s tough to find PS5 consoles in stores, peripherals for the new-gen Sony system are in more plentiful supply. Give the links above a click for some of our highlights.

Which UK stores have PS5 stock for today, July 11?

For today, July 11, those in the UK will want to check out Box, BT, Game, and ShopTo for PS5 stock. (via @PS5StockAlertUK)

Amazon UK will also have Prime Day during July 12-13 and so bookmarking the PS5 page is good preparation.

In other PlayStation news, Sony wants to be “the Nike of gaming gear.” Here’s every game releasing this week for PS5 and PS4. Red Dead Redemption 2’s PS5 port was also reportedly dropped by Rockstar Games.