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Someone Scanned and Uploaded All US PS2 Game Manuals in 4K

Kids today will never experience the smell of fresh, glossy PS2 game manuals but they sure can view them all in high-res 4K glory! Well, most of them, anyway. Reddit user and preservationist K1rkl4nd took out the time to scan and upload every single U.S. PS2 game manual, which anyone can easily download…and for free! This is actually quite handy for PS Plus Premium users who want to give PS2 classics on the service a go, provided Sony steps its game up and opens up that vault. Unfortunately, the classics lineup has been pretty weak so far but here’s hoping!

Where to download PS2 game manuals

As spotted by Kotaku, the manuals are available to download on K1rkl4nd said that they haven’t been able to get a hold of all the manuals of other region-exclusive games, but considering the monumental effort, we’re more than happy with what we’ve got here. What K1rkl4and has uploaded is “17 GB of goodness across 1,795 titles plus an additional 100 variants, art books, mini guides, and comics.” Holy guacamole!

“The goal is to raise some awareness for game preservation efforts,” Kirkland told Kotaku. “So many games growing up shaped how we looked at and experienced the world.” Indeed. Thanks, K1rkl4nd!