ps plus essential december 2022 games line-up

PS Plus Essential December 2022 Games Line-up Now Live

PS Plus Essential December 2022 games line-up is now live worldwide, and players can download five games this month. Three of them are bundled into the Mass Effect Trilogy, and the other two are Biomutant and multiplayer game Divine Knockout, which launched day-one on the service.

How to download Divine Knockout from PS Plus Essential December catalog

Some users are reportedly having issues downloading Divine Knockout. Using the PS App to download December’s line-up, I noticed two entries for Divine Knockout’s founders edition and they both appeared to be the same. Unlike other games in the catalog, redeeming Divine Knockout may prompt you to input your password and check out from the store, like you would when you purchase a game, as opposed to simply adding it to your library. Fret not, you won’t be charged. Simply input your password and redeem.

Some users say they are still unable to download the game and receive a message stating that they have an add-on installed. As I mentioned before, I spotted two entries for Divine Knockout, so make sure you’re downloading the correct one.

It’s unclear which regions are affected by this issue (my PSN is UK region) so if you’re struggling, leave a comment below.