Elden Ring GotY Awards

Elden Ring Beats The Last of Us 2’s Game of the Year Record

FromSoftware’s Elden Ring has won more Game of the Year awards than any other game in history so far, surpassing the previous record holder The Last of Us Part 2. This is according to the eagle-eyed users at Resetera, who have meticulously tallied every GotY awarded from eligible media outlets and reader’s choice polls.

At the time of this writing, Elden Ring currently has around “323 or 324” Game of the Year awards (and it may have more by the end of the day), which just edges out the 322 GotY awards that The Last of Us Part 2 accumulated in 2020.

God of War Ragnarok almost stopped Elden Ring GotY record

For clarity, the first post in the Resetera thread currently indicates that Elden Ring has 321 GotY awards, with 278 coming from media outlets and 43 coming from reader’s choice. But as pointed out by one user, “the exact figure is 323 or 324” due to new submissions. A post after that includes additional submissions that “should count” toward Elden Ring’s final tally as well.

God of War Ragnarok is second on the list with a total of 74 Game of the Year awards, which almost stopped Elden Ring from taking the new GotY record. This is despite God of War Ragnarok beating Elden Ring as PlayStation blog’s GotY for 2022, though Elden Ring came out on top to win our Game of the Year award as well as the GotY category at The Game Awards 2022.