Callisto Protocol Hardcore Mode Update

The Callisto Protocol Update 3.02 Patch Notes Show New Hardcore Mode and Added Trophies

The Callisto Protocol update 3.02 landed today and the patch notes show the team has added a new Hardcore mode as well as new Trophies to go with it. Those who complete the game in Hardcore mode will then be able to take on Hardcore Mode New Game+ in case the game wasn’t challenging enough already.

The Callisto Protocol update 3.02 Hardcore mode patch notes

The previously promised Hardcore mode is “intended to push you to your limits” and is “not for the faint of heart”. Things are made more difficult by increased enemy damage and mutation speed, while factors that have been decreased include Stun Baton damage, Contraband value, and the chances of finding ammo, health, and credits. The patch notes also include a handful of bug fixes, including localization fixes and issues with multiple enemy AI. You can see the full patch notes below.

Hardcore Mode

A challenging take on The Callisto Protocol’s survival-horror experience, intended to push you to your limits, Hardcore mode is not for the faint of heart. Here’s what you can expect;

  • Ammo, health and credits are harder to come by and not every Biophage will drop loot.
  • Increased enemy damage
  • Decreased Stun Baton damage
  • Increased enemy mutation speed
  • Contraband value is reduced
  • Hardcore Mode New Game+ (requires completion of standard Hardcore Mode playthrough)
  • New Achievements / Trophies to hunt


  • Players that were not correctly granted the “The Protocol is About Life” achievement upon completing the game will be automatically granted the achievement
  • Localization fixes for leveling and VO/subtitle mismatches
  • Optimized enemy combat AI when player is surrounded by multiple enemies

Those who complete the game in Hardcore mode will get a new trophy, while the completion of Hardcore Mode New Game+ mode will reward a second new trophy. Finally, players who purchase all weapons and upgrades will get the final update trophy. Update 3.02 was released on PS4 and PS5 earlier today, February 7. New Game+ was added in a previous update.