hbo the last of us episode 8 reviews infected
Image: HBO

Fans Praise The Last of Us Episode 8 But Say It Lacks Infected

HBO’s The Last of Us episode 8 “When We Are in Need” aired last night, and audience reviews unanimously shower Ellie actress Bella Ramsey with praise. However, fans have expressed concerns about the lack of Infected not just in the episode but also in season 1 overall.

How The Last of Us episode 8 differs from the game

HBO’s take on The Last of Us is, generally-speaking, a faithful adaptation of the video game but it includes changes that make the show stand out. One such change in episode 8 is the omitting of a sequence in the game that sees Ellie and David fight the Infected.

“I’m thoroughly enjoying the show myself, however, my number one complaint is how little the infected are featured,” wrote one fan. “Missing the infected again,” wrote another.

Others have defended the showrunner’s decision to cut the sequence.

“It’s missing the infected again because it’s not a story about the infected,” one fan explained. “The infected serve primarily as a gameplay mechanic whereas in a movie or TV show they’re more useful as a plot device,” added another.

Opinions on the lack of Infected aside, episode 8 looks to be on track to become one of the highest-rated episodes from season 1 on IMDB. Although it doesn’t have as many votes as previous episodes yet, The Last of Us episode 8 currently holds a rating of 9.6 with nearly 10,000 votes.