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PS6 Release Date Targeting 2028 — Report

Sony is reportedly aiming for a PS6 release date during 2028. This would be eight years after the launch of the PS5, which is believable given the gaps between previous generations.

When is the PS6 release date?

New reports suggest that the PS6 release date will be during 2028.

In an article that initially claimed that the PS5 Pro has entered production, Insider-Gaming‘s Tom Henderson went on to explain that he “understands that the next generation of the PlayStation, the PS6, is unlikely to release until at least 2028.”

This lines up with a Sony document which revealed that the PS6 release date is scheduled to launch sometime after 2027.

If the reported timeframe proves accurate, gamers can expect to see a PS5 Pro launch in late 2024, followed by the PS6 releasing in 2028.

As for what games will be launching on the next-gen PS6, it seems that The Last of Us Part 3 has “PlayStation 6 in mind,” so don’t expect to see Ellie’s adventure continued anytime soon.

The claimed eight-year gap between the PS5 and PS6 will please those worried about the previously rumored five-year lifecycle.

Of course, these reports should be taken with a grain of salt as, even when they are accurate, timeframes can change drastically behind the scenes.