Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II PS5 vs Xbox Series X
Image credit: Open Surprise (YouTube)

PS5 vs Xbox Series X Game Performance Comparisons Influence Buyers, Sony Claims

Sony Interactive Entertainment has claimed that PS5 vs Xbox Series X game performance comparisons are “highly influential” and can impact a buyer’s purchase decision. This argument was part of Sony’s response to U.K. regulator Competitions and Markets Authority (CMA), in which it expressed its disappointment over the authority changing its stance to side with Microsoft.

PS5 vs Xbox Series X comparisons have a “high level” of social conversations

Sony has been arguing that should Microsoft acquire Activision Blizzard and its properties, it would have no incentive to ensure that Call of Duty games fully utilize PS5-exclusive features like DualSense haptics. It further argues that Microsoft could release an inferior version of Call of Duty on PS5.

“Within a week of releasing Modern Warfare II, Digital Foundry, a leading analyst, compared performance on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and S,” Sony wrote. “Studies show that these types of comparisons are highly influential. The level of social conversation surrounding consoles and games is extremely high.”

Sony added that Call of Duty can’t be compared to Minecraft because the latter has “blocky” graphics, which means that it can’t be used to showcase a console’s technical capabilities.

The CMA will make its final decision on the proposed Microsoft Activision merger this month.