PS5 Firmware Update 7.2

PS5 Firmware Update 7.2 Is Out Now, 1.15 GB in Size

PS5 firmware update 7.2 is out now, ready to be downloaded and installed on the current-gen Sony systems. The new PlayStation 5 system software patch for today, April 19, comes in at 1.15 GB, making it a sizeable download. Here are the patch notes.

PS5 Firmware 23.01-07.20.00 Patch Notes

  • We’ve improved system software performance and stability.
  • We’ve improved the messages and usability on some screens.
  • We’ve updated the DualSense Edge wireless controller device software to improve stability.

The usual copy-and-pasted “improved system software performance and stability” appears, as expected, but it is joined by two other details.

First, the messaging system has been improved. It should now be easier to use on certain screens. Secondly, the new DualSense Edge controller has received its own update to “improve stability.”

The 1.15 GB size may have led some users to think that there’s something more to this update, but from the initial patch notes, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

For those who have been having stability issues with either the PS5 console or DualSense Edge controller, hopefully this update helps.

It’s not only PlayStation hardware that is receiving updates, as Horizon Forbidden West got a patch that readies it for the launch of the Burning Shores expansion and also adds some great accessibility features.