A Plague Tale 3 Implied by Job Listings

A Plague Tale 3 Once Again Implied Through Job Listings

A Plague Tale: Requiem‘s ending doesn’t leave much room for a traditional sequel, but it seems like Asobo Studio is bulking up for some sort of follow-up. Job listings show that the developer is hiring specifically for its A Plague Tale team.

A Plague Tale 3 is possibly in its very early stages

A Plague Tale 3 Implied by Job Listings

These postings showed up on LinkedIn and the studio’s website. Some mention the Microsoft Flight Sim team, while others are for the Plague Tale team. These Plague Tale positions are for a VFX artist, senior game designer, senior A.I. programmer, and senior gameplay animator.

According to Google Translate, the senior game designer specifically mentions how the applicant is going to strengthen the team behind Requiem as it works in pre-production. It even notes that it would be great if applicants have played the other A Plague Tale titles in addition to being interested in narrative adventure games. This is almost identical to another listing from November 2022 for the same position

“For a future production, we are looking for a Game Designer to strengthen the team behind ‘A Plague Tale: Requiem’ from the pre-production phase,” reads the translated listing.

Asobo hasn’t otherwise said that it is actively making another A Plague Tale game. Director Kevin Choteau said in an interview from around Requiem’s launch that Requiem was the end for now, but noted that “the door is never closed.” He then said that the team was waiting on player reception and go from there. Requiem was received quite well and garnered an average score of 84 on OpenCritic. It took around two weeks for the game to hit a million players, too (it also launched on Game Pass).

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A Plague Tale Requiem’s finale is pretty definitive in regards to it being the end of Hugo and Amicia’s story. However, a post-credits stinger implies that another entry could take place in a different time period, perhaps even in the modern day. Whatever a sequel ends up being (or not being), it likely won’t come out for a long time since A Plague Tale Requiem was only released in October 2022.