PS5 Stream

PS5 Dashboard Adds Icon for Games That Can Be Streamed

The PlayStation 5 dashboard was recently updated to show players when games can be played through cloud streaming.

PushSquare has reported that games that can be played through cloud streaming now have an icon next to their name on the PS5 dashboard to indicate that they feature that function. The outlet notes that the icon also appears throughout your game library on compatible games and that, if you press Options, you’re given the option to stream the game so long as you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber. The symbol itself is a cloud with a PlayStation controller in it with the PS Plus logo on the bottom right side of the cloud.

Which parts of the world can see the PS5 streaming icon currently?

Though cloud streaming PS5 games is currently limited to Europe and Japan, we’ve verified that you can see the icon next to game titles on compatible PS4 games on North American PS5 consoles.

North America is set to gain access to PS5 game cloud streaming on Monday, October 30, with some PS Plus games as well as game trials both set to allow for streaming. This will allow players to try out new titles that they may be interested in without committing their limited storage space to them.