PS5 Slim Already Out in the Wild, Design and Size Gets Mixed Response From Fans

PS5 Slim Already Out in the Wild, Design Gets Mixed Response From Fans

A player has somehow managed to get their hands on the PS5 Slim ahead of its launch and has shared size and design comparison photos online. We’ve previously seen digital mockups for size comparison with the original console, so this is our first real look at how both models compare.

PS5 Slim size is relatively compact, but fans say it looks like a cheap knockoff

The images were originally posted by Twitter user @phantompainss, but they ended up removing them out of fear of repercussions. However, the images are now circulating online. Without further ado, here’s what the PS5 Slim looks like up close:

While this size difference certainly earns the “Slim” badge, it’s the design that seems to have polarized players. Some have welcomed the smaller size, but others say that the new model looks “cheap” and can easily be confused with a knockoff, like this fake $25 console that comes with 200 games.

The PS5 Slim is not billed as an upgrade, so players can hang on to their original model. However, considering this iteration is set to replace the current version, some players have expressed concerns that they’ll be stuck buying the PS5 Slim if their console breaks.