Return to Moria
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Exclusive The Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria PS5 Survival Guide Will Keep You Alive in the Mines

PlayStation LifeStyle is debuting the official The Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria PS5 Survival Guide, which was written by the game‘s Design Director, Michael Downing. The guide includes seven crucial tips and tricks to help players survive and thrive as they explore Moria. The game is now available to purchase on the PlayStation 5 and PC.

You can read the entire guide below:

7 Tips to Get You Through The Mines of Moria in  The Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria™

After an explosion leaves you trapped in the darkness of Moria, you must now find your own way out. Moria has been empty for many years, and who knows what creatures lurk in its depths. We have assembled a survival guide to help prepare you for the long, treacherous journey ahead.

  1. Restoration and Recipes

Not only does rebuilding old dwarven monuments and forges help to restore Moria to its former glory, it also unlocks recipes for new armor, tools, and weapons. 

  1. A Healthy Dwarf is a Happy Dwarf

Keep a close eye on your health. A full stomach, a place to rest, and a nearby hearth are the best way to help keep your dwarf alive and ready for whatever challenge they may face next. 

  1. Beneficial Buffs

There are few things dwarves hold more dear than treasure, ale, and ancestry. Defending a base full of gold increases dwarven ferocity. Singing, drinking ale, and honoring dwarf remains can also provide buffs that strengthen your dwarf.

  1. Keep an Eye Out for Black Diamonds

Black diamonds are an essential resource when traveling through Moria. They are often hoarded by orcs and can be found in their camps or, even more abundantly, in the Orc Towns. Use caution, however, retrieving them may not be an easy feat.

  1. Need to Break Something? Use Your Pickaxe

Whether it’s a vein of ore, a stone wall, or a tree – a pickaxe will always be the best way to break down objects. You can still break objects with weapons, but the most efficient way will be with your pickaxe. And as you progress through Moria, you’ll need better pickaxes for tougher objects.

  1. Rely on Rope Ladders 

When beginning the game, you’re first introduced to using Quick Platforms as a way to traverse high, low, and across by hitting down on the D Pad. When you reach the Mines of Moria, you’ll discover Natural Fibers that can create Rope Ladders. To build these, hit down on the D Pad, then hit Square. The Rope Ladders make vertical movement incredibly easy as the ladders will run a very, very long length.

  1. Don’t Hack Away – Just Deconstruct

Did you misplace a wall while building, or does your bedroll disrupt your base’s feng shui? In Build Mode, hitting L2 will instantly deconstruct any object you’ve built and the resources spent to build that object will fall to the ground. Don’t waste time breaking it down with your pickaxe, just Quick Deconstruct it!

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