final fantasy xiv blue mage

The Blue Mage Has Arrived in Final Fantasy XIV, and They’re the Ultimate Copy-Cat

You’d feel blue, too, if you didn’t have any abilities of your own.

final fantasy xiv update

Final Fantasy XIV Update 4.5 Marks the Beginning of the End for Stormblood

Most importantly, you can now play Mahjong in a virtual casino.

final fantasy 14 prelude in violet

Final Fantasy XIV Prelude in Violet Update Is Live

Final Fantasy XIV, you’re turning violet!

Final Fantasy 14 Anniversary

Final Fantasy XIV Celebrates Reaching 14 Million Players

Celebrate good times!

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood New Content Patch Includes Next Chapter in Hildibrand Quest and More

FF fans gather, update, enjoy!

final fantasy 14 patch

Upcoming Final Fantasy XIV Patch Brings Companion App, Ivalice’s Ridorana Lighthouse to Eorzea

The app will have an optional premium plan.

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.2 Rise of a New Sun Patch Notes Are Live, There’s a Lot to Digest

The update releases next week.

Chocobo Saddlebags, Interface Adjustments, and More Quality of Life Changes Coming to Final Fantasy XIV

Maximum item stacks are getting an increase.

New Details About Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.2, PvP Updates, Beast Tribe Quests, and Subaquatic Voyages

We’ll probably get one more update before the patch releases.

Final Fantasy XIV Heavensturn Event is Running Now, Ends January 15

Celebrating the Year of the Dog.

There’s Lots More to Come to Final Fantasy XIV in 2018, Yoshida Teases New Content

A cryptic message about the future of the realm.

final fantasy 14 stormblood art book

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood Art Book is Gorgeous

You’ll also get a code for an in-game minion.

Best DLC/Expansion of 2017 – Nominees

Extending the lives of our games.

FF14 free login

Log on to Final Fantasy XIV up to 96 Hours for Free

Take advantage of some free time to catch up on quests!