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PlatinumGames Teases Top-Secret Game That Will “Turn Action Genre on its Head”

What could it be?!

5 Best PS4, Vita, PSVR Games of Bitsummit 2017

Local co-op, the spirit of Castlevania, and dystopian bartending on your favorite PlayStation systems.

Bitsummit: Stifled Preview – Walk Softly (PSVR)

Softer. No, softer than that. I said SOFT…crap, now they’re after us. Thanks, Gary. Thanks for getting us killed.

Bitsummit: Paper Garden Preview – Relaxing Fun (VR)

I’m not even the biggest VR fan in the world, but I absolutely loved this.

You’d Better Go Hard in the Paint, Son

Make me proud.

These New PS4 Multiplayer Games Made Me Smile And Be All Like “Yeah”

They might not win major awards, but they’ve won my heart.

7 Neat PS4 and Vita Games From Bitsummit 2015 (Plus Show Photos)

Pleasantly surprised by all the interesting stuff.