Bioware Still Can’t Deny Mass Effect on PS3

August 27, 2009Written by Draisey


BioWare CEO Ray Muzyka must have a tough job, constantly dealing with questions regarding PS3 development. His development team actually is working on a true multiplatform title, Dragon Age: Origins, but what the gaming community really wants to know is whether the popular Mass Effect series will make an appearance on Sony’s platform. Let’s just say that he has a lot of trouble denying it.

When grilled by CVG on why Bioware hasn’t brought the series to PS3 yet, Muzyka stated the following:

“I think a more accurate way to frame it is to say we’ve announced we’re developing Mass Effect for 360 and PC. Right from the beginning we said we wanted to deliver Mass Effect on the 360. Right now all we’ve announced is we’re working on 360 and PC.”

“We haven’t announced anything on that front.”

One of the reasons for Muzyka to step around these inquiries is that the team may be testing out a PS3 version, but hasn’t fully commited to it yet. With Dragon Age already in development for the PS3, there may simply not be enough resources at the moment to do so.

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