[UPDATE] Star Ocean: The Last Hope Finds a New Home

September 16, 2009Written by Cameron Teague


[UPDATE] Sqaure-Enix has just confirmed that the game will release in North America directly alongside its Japanese counterpart. So look for Star Ocean: The Last Hope International on February 9th, 2010.

One after another, RPGs that were previously to the Xbox 360 have made their way over to the PS3, and it looks like yet another one has ‘jumped out’. Star Ocean: The Last Hope released on 360 last year and according to the latest Famitsu scan it will be hitting the PS3 next year.


Like most RPGs that are eventually ported over, Star Ocean for the PS3 will have added content and features not found in the 360 version. New characters, better menus, improved targeting during battles, and dual-language support for English and Japanese (in addition to subtitles for multiple languages) are all said to be in the PS3 version.

Star Ocean: The Last Hope International is slated for a February 4th 2010 release. No word yet from Square-Enix regarding a US release date, but expect it to come within the same calendar year.