Valkyria’s Battlefield to be Fought on Larger Platform

September 21, 2009Written by Jonathan Leack


Only months after the release of the hit RPG title Valkyria Chronicles, an addition to the series was announced. The game is currently titled Valkyria Chronicles 2, but unfortunately to many it will only be available on the PlayStation Portable.

However, Valkyria Chronicles 2 will most likely not be the end of the series, and Sega has shown interest in keeping Valkyria Chronicles as a long-term series. They have recently announced the release date for Valkyria Chronicles 2, and in an official comment by Aaron Webber, Assistant Community Manager for Sega of America, he stated the following:

“So far it seems like most of the fans are really just happy to see the series continue – and, if VCII sells well, it means a much greater chance that the series can pick up again back on a larger console, like the PS3.”

Although it isn’t official, chances are that Valkyria Chronicles 2 will sell well, and in turn a new addition to the series should be announced. Hopefully trophies will be announced for the original soon so people can be tied over until this yet-to-be announced PlayStation 3 sequel.