5 PS3 Games Perfect for Halloween Night!

October 31, 2009Written by Cameron Teague


Halloween is a time to dress up and scare the hell out of everyone you know, but who says you can’t give yourself a good scare at the same time.  Joseph and I decided to come up with a list to help you make your Halloween night a long sleepless night.  So turn off your lights, grab your Dualshock and slip one of these five PS3 games into your system.

These 5 are in no particular order but they are guaranteed to give you some frights.


Dead Space was developed by Visceral Games and puts you in the shoes of Isaac Clarke, an engineer sent out to the ship Ishimura to check on a distress signal.  You quickly find out that the ship is overtaken by monsters and you must fight your way through to uncover the truth and get out alive.  Use engineering weapons to cut off the limbs of monsters, giving Isaac the advantage in battle.  The game features top notch sound work that really puts you into the mood.  There is plenty of action, lots of surprises and of course that feeling of being stuck on a ship with only the monsters to keep you company


SIREN Blood Curse put you in the shoes of 8 different people as they each try and find their way out of Hanuda, a vanished village where human sacrifices have said to occurred 30 years prior.  What the people find is a village full of monsters who will stop at nothing to take out anything in their path.  The game relies heavily on stealth and a very dark red color palette that makes it seem like the whole world has been covered in blood.


Bioshock is regarded as one of the scariest games released on the PS3. You take the role of Jack in an alternate year of 1960. You must explore the underwater city of Rapture. Jack stumbles upon this secret city after being the only survivor of a horrific plane crash that occurs in the Atlantic Ocean. The real adventure begins when he descends down into the city.


Silent Hill Homecoming is the sixth installment of the series. You control the character Alex Shepard as you return to your hometown of Shepard’s Glen. Upon arrival things are in complete disarray, and Alex begins the search for his younger brother, whom has gone missing.


Condemned 2: Bloodshot picks up 11 months after the events of Condemned. You resume control over the character Ethan Thomas. The game revolves around trying to solve the reasons behind the violence that has spread over the city, this is after Thomas is recruited back into the SCU after his mentor was murdered.