New True Crimes Undercover Cop Game Unveiled

December 12, 2009Written by Cameron Teague


The Video Game Awards have become about more than just awards as they are now a great place for world premiere videos and big time announcements.  It was like that last year and this year has followed suit.  One of the revealed games this year was titled True Crime and is being developed by United Front Games and published by Activision.

Now while the past two True Crimes games were set in the United States with one being New York and the other being Los Angeles, this new version looks to take place out east in possibly Tokyo.  The past two games in the series were developed by Luxoflux, so it should be interesting to see how things change behind the leadership of United Front Games, which is the same group currently developing the PS3 exclusive Modnation Racers.

We will update you once more information is announced but until then enjoy the debut trailer below.