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Heavy Rain – Trophy Guide

February 23, 2010Written by Anthony Severino

Lover Boy (Bronze)
On the Loose – Forgive Madison
– Forgive Madison.

Escape Master (Bronze)
On the Loose – Escape the Police at the motel
– Climb to the roof by successfully completing the correct button sequence. Jump off the roof.

Swimming Instructor (Bronze)
Trapped – Save Lauren under water
– Release Lauren from her rope restraints and kick out the passenger side window so you can escape with Lauren.

Invincible Scott (Bronze)
Face to Face – Do not get shot in Kramer’s villa
– Do not get shot during the intense shoot-out at Kramer’s villa. You’ll need to react very quickly.

Kind Hearted (Bronze)
Face to Face – Give Kramer his medicine
– When Kramer has a heart attack, get his medicine to save his life.

Sacrifice (Bronze)
The Rat – Drink the poison
– Drink the poison the killer has left for you.

Clever Dad (Bronze)
The Rat – Work out where Shaun is held
– Do not drink the poison. You must have completed all of the other trials the killer has tasked Ethan with, and you’ll have enough of the letters to work out the address where Shaun is being held.

Cold as Ice (Bronze)
Killer’s Place – Survive the explosion by hiding in the fridge
– Make your way through the burning apartment until you reach the kitchen, clear out the refrigerator and climb inside to survive the explosion.

Simple Mind (Bronze)
The Old Warehouse – Save the Origami Killer before he fails, with Jayden or Madison.
– Make sure the Origami Killer doesn’t fall off the beam by pressing all the correct buttons. Make sure you don’t miss.

So Close… (Bronze)
The Old Warehouse – Reach the end with all characters… and fail
– Let the killer murder Jayden, have Madison fall off her motorcycle so she’s detained by Blake. Then put down Shaun to open the door, Ethan will automatically fail.

HEAVY RAIN Hero (Bronze)
Finish Heavy Rain
– Complete Heavy Rain on any difficulty without all characters failing.

Four Heroes (Silver)
Complete the story with four characters alive
– Complete the story with all four characters alive.

Trial Master (Silver)
Succeeded in all Ethan’s trials
-Successfully complete all of the 5 trials:

  • The Bear – Complete the drive down the wrong side of the highway without failing.
  • The Butterfly – Get through all of the electrified fencing and make your way through the glass filled hole without failing.
  • The Lizard – Cut off your finger
  • The Shark – Shoot the drug dealer
  • The Rat- Drink the poison

Nerd (Silver)
Find all clues using ARI (Crime scene + Mad Jack + Fish tank) and find the Origami Killer
– Discover and check all clues at the Crime scene, Mad Jack’s warehouse, and at the fish tank room at the Blue Lagoon. You also must find the Origami Killer. This one is difficult, time consuming, and takes an entire playthrough to find out if you got it or not.

Saved the Kid (Silver)
Save Shaun
– Find Shaun with Ethan and save him from the rain water.

Perfect Crime (Silver)
Clean Manfred’s shop of evidence + Let Lauren, Hassan and Kramer die + Kill Madison and Jayden
– Wipe away all fingerprint evidence in Mandfred’s shop. Let Lauren drown in the car, let the robber shoot Hassan, and let Kramer die from his heart condition. Fail with Madison and Jayden at the very end.

All Endings (Gold)
See all endings
– See all different endings

Note: at the time of this writing we are still unsure as to how many endings in total are in Heavy Rain. This will be updated once confirmed. It is rumored that there are a total of 22 different endings possible with Heavy Rain.

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