ModNation Racers Handing over the Keys Early

May 15, 2010Written by Cameron Teague

It looks as though Christmas is coming earlier to those of you who like kart racing and enjoy customizing things to your hearts content. If that’s you then you might want to check out the PlayStation Store on the 18th of this month as United Front Games will be bringing us all a ModNation Racers Demo. That’s right, one of the latest games in the Play Create and Share genre will be giving everyone out there a chance to test all its wonders early, but just what will this demo let us do?

According to Associate Product Marketing Manager at SCEA Chuck Lacson, the demo will allow players to try the single player and offline multiplayer with up to 3 friends. The real kicker however is that you will be able to design your own kart and racer with a fraction of the tools available in the game as well as make a full track and test drive it. Alongside the great news of the demo is news that United Front Games is looking into a post launch patch that will further improve the load times found in the game.

So get your thinking caps on, the 18th is just around the corner!