Sony’s Exclusive Mafia II Partnership Has Made 2K ‘Really Excited’

July 17, 2010Written by Jonathan Leack

During Sony’s Press Conference at E3 2010 it was announced that 2K Games will be releasing exclusive DLC for the PS3 version of Mafia II. While consumers are obviously happy about this, it looks like 2K is even more excited.

During an interview with Senior Producer at 2K Denby Grace, Grace shared a strong level of excitement toward his company’s partnership with Sony for Mafia II. During the video interview he expressed the following:

“We’re really excited to announce this sort of partnership with Sony. We’re going to be releasing some DLC at some point…”

The downloadable content in question is now known under the leaked title of Jimmy‚Äôs Vendetta and is in fact going to be available for free to PS3 owners on launch day. However, that’s not to say that Denby Grace could be referring to further DLC which will be available in the future. If things work out, this partnership between the two companies may be the beginning of a strong relationship which can cultivate further promise for PlayStation 3 owners around the globe.