Sony Believes Move Can Out-do Mouse & Keyboard

August 12, 2010Written by Zak Islam

Sony is putting all their effort behind their upcoming motion controller, the PlayStation Move, and it’s obvious to see that they firmly believe in their product. In fact they are so confident in the PlayStation Move, that the man who created it, Dr. Richard Marks, believes it even feels better for RTS games than the mouse and keyboard.

Dr. Richard Marks told CVG that the PlayStation Move will eventually will impact the design of RTS titles in the future.

“I think that PC RTS games are designed right now for the mouse and keyboard, but I think the Move can work with the more general idea of an RTS really well. It could play a PC RTS really well, but I think there is modifications on the RTS genre that will be really good with. I play a lot of RTS games but the way I think about it is you have a landscape below you with all the troops, and imagine you’re the general and you just want to look out over your troops and select guys – tell them to attack there.”

“You really feel like this general or god-like person that can manipulate huge armies. I think that with Move would feel way better than a mouse for that, for example, and doing things that require some 3D information is much better with Move. The RTS genre has been designed not to require any 3D information, but having that extra dimension and all the angle data that we have too is also very interesting.”

Certainly some bold claims from Sony’s Research and Development wiz. Consumers will have to judge for themselves if the PlayStation Move can indeed out-do a mouse and keyboard combination when it launches next month. What are your thoughts on this? Voice your thoughts via the comments section below.