Vita Launch Window Will Have 100 games

September 14, 2011Written by Josh Fernandes

Sony’s TGS press conference focused heavily on the PlayStation Vita, with hardly any news on the PS3. Some of the announcements were already known to the public, but there were some bombshells to come out of the press conference, like the fact that the Vita will launch on December 17th in Japan. Not only is Japan just a few months away from the next generation of handheld gaming, but they will get a few games to play.

During the press conference, Sony stated that 100 games will be released in the launch window, which can be assumed to be the first few months of the Vita’s life. Although dozens of launch titles have been announced in the past, the full list of launch titles hasn’t been disclosed. Some of the games in question are sure to be exclusive to Japan, so we will have to wait for Sony to announce the launch titles for other regions… as well as a release date for the Vita itself.