New Details For Final Fantasy Versus XIII Emerge

September 21, 2011Written by Zak Islam

The latest edition of Famitsu has a new interview with Final Fantasy Versus XIII‘s director, which has seen new details on the Square Enix-developed PlayStation 3 exclusive emerge.

Tetsuya Nomura, who is also the director for Kingdom Hearts, told Famitsu how he had recently carried out a walk-through of the game’s map in its entirety, including the dungeons and side areas within the game’s towns, and was startled by how broad the game is.

It’s also been confirmed that the game utilizes certain parts of the Luminous engine, Square Enix’s next generation engine. Specifically, the lighting technology in the game has benefited from Luminous and has been revamped to use the engine. For the game’s action elements, meanwhile, a specific engine made just for Versus will be used. While Luminous can be used in any title, the engine created for Versus can’t be used as a general engine, Nomura explained.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII wasn’t in full production back in July. However, it was recently revealed that the hotly anticipated Final Fantasy installment has finally entered full production.