David Cage Would Be Tempted if Sony Wanted to Acquire Quantic Dream

September 29, 2011Written by Josh Lewis

Quantic Dream founder David Cage has been an exclusive partner with Sony since Heavy Rain, and have signed an exclusivity deal with the platform holder for their next game. His studio currently still remains independent, but Cage has shared some details regarding how he values his strong relationship with Sony, so much so, that if Sony pursued to acquire Quantum Dream he would find the offer very hard to resist.

When asked if Cage would like to become part of the PlayStation family, Cage told Develop:

Of course I would. Of course. I really like Sony, honestly I do. They’ve made some bets with developers like Fumito Ueda and Media Molecule. I kind of feel loyal to them.

Cage also when on to express how the industry is in a position where studios need constant support:

It’s not like we need help, but we want to compete.

Quantic Dream’s first collaboration with Sony was a tremendous success, with Heavy Rain selling over two million copies. The studio is currently hard at work on a second PlayStation exclusive intellectual property – which isn’t Heavy Rain 2. In light of Sony’s recent acquisitions of Sucker Punch and Media Molecule, it wouldn’t be too far fetched too expect some sort of official announcement sometime in the near future.