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Sony Turned Down Pitch For Eye Toy Kama Sutra Game

July 11, 2012Written by Sebastian Moss

The EyeToy has never had the best of support, but one game really could have drastically changed public opinion of the peripheral – a Kama Sutra game.

Sony Computer Entertainment executive producer Pete Smith told Eurogamer that a developer pitched an Eye Toy version of the famous Sanskrit sex-book:

This was a genuine pitch from a developer. who pitched EyeToy Kama Sutra. Seriously, this was a genuine pitch.

So, the guy is going to me, ‘it’s like, so there’s an outline on the screen with the EyeToy…’ I’m like, I get it, yeah.


We were talking about it back at the office. Obviously we didn’t sign it and it never ever saw the light of day. But we were going, how exactly would we QA it? You can imagine these two big hairy testers going, ‘No, you’re the bitch tonight.’

He added, when talking about how the game would be demoed to the press:

I know. You’d just have to go for it, wouldn’t you? In one sense I think, god, I wish it would have been done. We could have maybe got some celebrity endorsements and stuff like that.

What I just find strange is, sometimes you get these pitches and you think, this is just bonkers. But the developers absolutely believe in it, which is great. I’d much rather that than they come along halfhearted.

This guy – I can remember it, I will never forget him – he was like, ‘We want to do this. We think it could be great. And, yeah. We get all kinds of pitches, but that’s definitely the one that stands out for me.

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