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GameStop’s Exclusive Cyber Monday PS3 Bundle Gives You the 250GB Super Slim and 3 Games For $300

November 26, 2012 Written by Jason Dunning

Starting today, you can now purchase a GameStop exclusive PS3 Super Slim Bundle for $300. Since it is advertised solely as a Cyber Monday sale, make sure you don’t take your time on this one if it interests you.

Included for that $300 is the new 250 GB Super Slim PS3, Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes, Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7, LittleBigPlanet Karting, and 30 days of PlayStation Plus. This bundle is $30 more than the $270 Uncharted 3: Game of the Year Edition Super Slim PS3 which is also on store shelves, so make sure you compare the two before pulling the trigger.

Also on GameStop’s Cyber Monday deals list are the following games, which can be purchased by heading over to this page:

Dishonored – $29.99

Skyrim – $29.99

Jak and Daxter Collection – $14.99

Wonderbook: Book of Spells Move Bundle – $49.99

Wonderbook: Book of Spells Game – $19.99

Dirt Showdown – $9.99

Ratchet & Clank Collection – $19.99

Borderlands 2 – $39.99

Sleeping Dogs – $29.99

Sports Champions 2 – $19.99

Midnight Club: LA Complete Edition – $9.99

NBA 2K13 – $49.99

Journey Collector’s Edition – $14.99

inFamous Collection – $19.99

Saints Row: The Third – $19.99

Lollipop Chainsaw – $19.99

Zone of the Enders HD Collection – $29.99

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 – $29.99

XCOM: Enemy Unknown – $39.99

Mortal Kombat (Vita) – $14.99

Do you have any money left for these games? Let us know in the comments below.