Introducing The Last of Us’ Tess: New Video, Screens, Details

December 14, 2012Written by Sebastian Moss

At the VGAs we were treated to a brand new The Last of Us story trailer, where we saw a glimpse at Joel’s partner, Tess.

Now, Naughty Dog has revealed some more details about Tess:

A hardened survivor living in one of the last remaining quarantine zones, Tess operates in the black market of a city under martial law. Partners with Joel, they have become known within the criminal underworld for their ruthlessness. Street smart and confident, Tess is a savvy strategist and negotiator. Her ability to generate intelligent plans to secure the contraband for their trade is second to none.

Tess and Joel subscribe to the same dog-eat-dog philosophy. They survive by being willing to do what others can’t or won’t. Her trust in and loyalty towards Joel runs deep. However, secretly, she questions whether Joel shares the same emotions that she feels for him.

Strong, smart, and street savvy, Tess is a pivotal character in the world of The Last of Us. Tess is voiced and played by Annie Wersching. You might recognize Annie’s voice from her work on the hit TV series, 24. For our in-game cinematics Annie’s performance of Tess involved many long, intense hours on our mocap stage.

And, to whet your appetite for the May 7th release, they’ve released another screen of the game: