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One Year of Daily Reaction: Celebrate and Win 12 Months of PS+ or GTA V

August 9, 2013Written by Sebastian Moss


The Big Bang: God made the world in 7 days, we changed it in 1. This is what happened a year ago:

Seb: What do you think of Daily Reaction?

Dan: Daily Reaction?

Seb: We do a daily reaction to the hottest story of the day

Dan: What’s the name for?

Seb: Just like a paragraph or two each.

Dan: Not a bad idea

Dan: You and me or just the staff?

Seb: No one else will have the time or energy to do it every day. If anyone wants to join in, that’s fine, but    we’ll be staples.

Dan: Yeah I’m down. Be a nice feature. Can we somehow add it to our comic, & all? Like a special section? Or u want to do a reg feature?

Seb: If it’s daily, not sure how we can include comic because those take weeks to draw. Unless you do a doodle at the end or something.

Dan: Also, what about weekends and days that are empty?

Seb:  We can skip weekends, nothing major happens.

Dan: I like the name

Seb: Better not be trademarked

Dan: Make sure to check…

Seb: Cursory Google brings up nothing. Only problem is that stuff like the yearbook aren’t really Daily Reactions.

Dan: True, but it just feels odd having multiple names for ‘our’ projects.

Seb: True. Ooo, how about:

Daily Reaction: COD Slowdown or whatever

And then, the pic can be COD.

Dan: ?

Seb: With a little banner, or a sticker or something saying “A PowerOn Production”

Dan: Hmm… Don’t really get the Slowdown part.

Seb: COD Slowdown was just the news of the day

Dan: I want to drop the PowerOn name. I like Daily Reaction… We could just do one thing. Like some days it’s commentary, others a comic, etc

Seb: Daily Reaction – A Lara Croft Yearbook Pic. That just seems confusing

Dan: Hmm…true.

Seb: Annoying, cause I agree, the name sounds good

Dan: We could change it so that it’s ‘Daily Reaction Presents: The Gamers’ Year Book’

Seb: That could work

Dan: Well, if it doesn’t excite us we should find something that does, otherwise it won’t last.

Seb: I do like it. Sounds professional.

Dan: Also, I know you like your animal pics. But what do you think of having a standardized image? So people recognize it right away. Or do u think new pics will draw attention?

Seb: As long as it’s a standardized animal…

Dan: Lol.

Seb: Well the prob with a same pic is it might look lame on the category – Like if those were all the same…

Dan: Yeah…hmm. But it would seem uniform.

Seb: Not sure either way.

Dan: Also a daily image on top of other articles might be a bit much. People do like ur animal pics, so maybe we should keep using new ones.

Seb: Hmm.

Dan: But, maybe we could find a symbol that we can overlay? Like the PowerOn logo?

Seb: The Daily Reaction part, which is the actual discussion part, can just have a pic of the topic. It could have a really small watermark, but yeah don’t want to make it too much work.

Dan: Yeah. Can we swear?

Seb: Always.

Dan: Or is this not an age-gated kinda thing? I don’t want to take away from the professionalism of the site by being cavalier with this and have it be associated with others’ work.

Seb: As long as it’s not like “Bobby Kotick should be forced to suck his own cock until he drowns on his spunk” But yeah, we can do it, but we don’t have to do it.

Dan: …and if it is?

Seb: Haha, well we can make a judgement call.

Dan: Alright sounds good. We can roll out the commentary first then build up to the comic and a podcast. Build the brand.

Seb: That seems logical.

Dan: Wow…first compliment. LOL

Seb: Haha xD

Dan: When should we roll it out?

Seb: Sooner the better.

Dan: Just let me know.

Seb: Tomorrow?

Dan: Sure. If a good topic pops up while I’m at work, email me, and I’ll try and pop out something while I’m there.

Seb: We can alternate talking first.We can make it dependent on topic too. Like animals or UK I get first dibs, sexual deviancy is yours.

Dan: Works for me!

I do have some ball shots we can use for my topics 😉

Seb: Perfect.

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