“From a Texture Standpoint,” Call of Duty: Ghosts on PC Will Look Better Than PS4/Xbox One

August 16, 2013Written by Jason Dunning


Even with the immense power under the hoods of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, they actually won’t be home to the best looking version of Call of Duty: Ghosts when it releases this November.

Instead of the PC version of Ghosts following the lead of other CoD games by being built with the same assets as the PS3 and Xbox 360, “now, PC has its own set of assets. It’s going to look better than any Call of Duty we’ve ever made on PC,” said Mark Rubin, Executive Producer on Ghosts, to Kotaku.

Continuing to talk about the PC version, Rubin added, “They’re actually using an even higher version in many cases than the next-gen consoles, from a texture standpoint.”

When it comes to the differences in multiplayer between current generation consoles and the next generation ones, Mark said that it would only be in the graphics.

What do you think of the PC version of Ghosts potentially being the best looking one on the market this year? Let us know in the comments below.

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