Ask PSLS: Will You be Buying the PlayStation Vita TV?

September 13, 2013Written by Jason Dunning


Finishing off our two Ask PSLSes this week, the staff was asked: Will you be buying the PlayStation Vita TV?

Anthony Severino – Has 10 Senses (@Sev_Anthony)

I definitely want the PS Vita TV. Mainly because it can be used to remote play PS4 games, so in a sense, it’ll be like having a second PS4 console somewhere else in my home. That alone makes it a huge value.

Cameron Teague – To The Gallon (@Cameron_PSLS)

I am extremely pumped about this product and all the possibilities. As of right now, I definitely plan to get one if it releases in the US, but who knows what kind of information might come out and ruin it for me.

Chandler Wood – Licorice Whipped (@FinchStrife)

I will absolutely be buying a Vita TV. The thought that this could potentially replace my Roku for streaming services on our bedroom TV, and the ability to stream PS4, PS3, as well as play Vita games on the TV? This seems like a must have device if you are truly living the ‘PlayStation LifeStyle’. To be honest, the PS4 streaming feature has me more excited than the Vita play, but putting more Vita capable devices in homes will potentially create more developer support for the Vita as well.

Dan Oravasaari – Y3K (@FoolsJoker)

Yes, I am a sucker for new electronics and especially for one that will give me some new ways to mess around with my PS4 and Vita, so day one purchase for me.

Heath Hindman – TeeVee (@RPGLand)

I’m unsure on Vita TV.  It’s priced to move, that’s for sure, but I tend to enjoy my Vita games on my Vita, so the whole thing seems unnecessary.  It might be a nice way to let the kids play Vita games without smudging up my screen and stuff though. Hmmm….

Jason Dunning – Minority Report (@Jasonad21)

I seem to be in the minority about this particular Ask PSLS, but I won’t be buying a PlayStation Vita TV off the bat. I may be in a situation to do this down the road, but I have my Vita to play Vita games and I’ll be getting a PS4 to play my PS4 games. I’ll have no need for the Vita TV.

Joseph Fait – Is Golden (@AcesHigh291)

For me, I don’t play handheld titles. It’s sad, I know. So the idea of Vita TV is absolutely fantastic! I can’t wait to sit in my chair with a nice adult beverage, plug Persona Golden in, and just play. Not sure I’ll be using the PS4 extender feature though. As Louis said, will those games on a big screen do them justice? Probably not, I’m just counting on the upscaler in the machine to be competent.

Louis Edwards – Cheaply (@ftwrthtx)

The Vita TV looks interesting, but I’m not sure if its something I need or want. I enjoy playing Vita games on the Vita and really can’t see me playing those games on the big screen TV. I’m not sure I want to see them blown up to fit our 55” TV. How could it possibly do the games justice?

Sebastian Moss – Multifunctional (@SebMoss)

For what will likely be around £65, it’s only a little more than a game, so it’s tempting as hell. But then again, I have a Vita for my Vita game needs, and will have a PS4 for my PS4/multimedia needs.

Will you be buying the PlayStation Vita TV? Let us know in the comments below.