Sony: PS4 Pre-orders Are “Much, Much, Much Higher” Compared to Past Platforms

November 1, 2013Written by Jason Dunning

PS4 and Controller

After Sony released their financials and held a conference call, another conference call took place, with CFO Masaru Kato (via SeekingAlpha) getting the chance to talk about how, “compared to past platforms, the pre-orders that we have received for [the PS4] is much, much, much higher.

Kato added:

[…] We have strong support from third parties. And sometimes, when we launch a new platform, the software catalog is not sufficient, or after the launch, sometimes, you don’t have good titles following the launch. But this year, on a comparative basis, I think we have a much more stronger lineup of software coming. So those are the things that we are looking at.

During the Q&A segment of the call, Masaru answered about their plan to distribute linear or older content:

[…] As a general statement, PlayStation 4 is… I would say, aimed to address a wider audience than the past platform. So whatever type of content, whether it be linear or past business model, the download business model, whether it be pay-as-you-play service or a subscription-type business model, we can do all sorts of things on this platform. The key is that to, again, is to build the installed base. So once we have that, I think we are open to consider any type of business model onto this platform so long as it makes sense for us and our business partners.

As well, a Sony Executive said, “Preparations for the introduction of the PlayStation4 are progressing smoothly. The platform will go on sale in the U.S. and Europe in November and demand appears to be quite strong. We expect the PS4 to contribute to profitability at an early stage due to lower hardware costs and diversification of its revenue streams through network services.

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