Gran Turismo 6 Website Updated With Full Car List and More, Check out the Time Transition Trailer

November 4, 2013Written by Jason Dunning


The Gran Turismo website has been updated with some new Gran Turismo 6 information, one month before the game launches worldwide on December 6th:


  • There are now a total of over 1200 cars in the game. The “Cars” page has been revamped, introducing now models in each of the 7 leading genres (including Historic cars, Supercars, Sports cars).


  • New tracks, the “Ascari Full Track” in Spain and the all original “Gran Turismo Arena”, have been announced. Details regarding weather changes, time transitions and the night sky astronomical system are also introduced for the first time in the series.

Game Modes

  • A variety of modes have been announced. Screenshots have been made available for the “My Home” screen user interface (the starting point of your journey), the Arcade Mode, the Career Mode, the Special events and more. Please also take a particular note of the new “Star System”.

Purchasing and managing cars

  • More information has been announced regarding “Dealerships” and “Featured” cars (stocking cars recommended for specific Career Mode races and Seasonal Events) and your Garage where you can organise your purchased cars.

Tuning and Service

  • New information related to Tuning Parts, Custom Parts, Pit Service, Racing Gear, Paint (to name a few) has been released.


  • In addition to popular features such as Open Lobbies and Seasonal Events from the previous edition, this installment will now have a variety of new community features: organize your own clubs, communicate in forums and host race events for your members.


  • Information regarding the B-Spec Mode and Course Maker, available through a future update after the release of the game.

Here’s a Gran Turismo 6 Time Transition and Astronomy Effects trailer, along with a ‘Start Your Engines’ concept movie:

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