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Daily Random: LEGO Shu, ‘nuff Said.

November 21, 2013Written by Sebastian Moss


As the Xbox One begins to release across the world, Daily Reaction’s Seb and Dan focus on what’s most important – having fun. In this special, the duo discuss lost love, the end of everything, and what it feels like to be plastic.

Seb: He’d seen the movies. He’d read the books. He’d heard the warnings. But he hadn’t listened.

Patrick shivered, it had begun to rain. He trudged through the streets, his legs ached from the cold, but he couldn’t give up. He couldn’t allow himself to stop, to rest, time was running out for him – if he didn’t find it, it would be the end.

Coughing, he took shelter in a doorway, huddling against the wind. He felt exasperated, tired of the endless search, the feeling of weakness that grew ever stronger. His hands fumbled in his pocket, pulling out her picture. He stroked her face, fighting back a welling tear. He’d been too late, he’d failed her. Not again.

His wife had gone, and now she was running out on him too. He couldn’t let this happen, he had to fix things..

He’d forgotten to prepare, to plan ahead, he’d just forgotten. The ultimate present to win her back after the divorce, the split. He had to prove he cared for her, prove he wasn’t a failure, prove he could be a father, prove he could make up for his mistakes. But the more he searched, the more he looked, the more desperate he got. It was out of stock, there were no more PS4s.

Dan: Since I couldn’t think of anything to write about, I figured I’d just make some LEGO versions of Shu and Mark.


Can you find a PS4, or are you trying to rekindle some love with the use of presents? Let us all know everything you wish you had in the comments below, email us your Lego creations at and go outside in the rain to follow us at Seb and Dan.