This Week’s PlayStation Mobile Freebies are Gun Commando & Mononoke Slashdown

December 4, 2013Written by Jason Dunning


Following both Rymdkapsel and Passing Time being free last week, the latest duo of PlayStation Mobile free titles are Gun Commando and Mononoke Slashdown, with each of their descriptions below:

Gun Commando

Gun Commando is a fusion of classic shoot-em-ups and first-person shooters with a unique and action-packed campaign.

Earth has been taken by alien forces, and all that stands between the oblivious civilians and their grim fate is you; a war-torn veteran commando with a large arsenal of advanced weaponry. Your deadliest mission yet takes you on a city-wide journey of destruction, where you must attempt to single-handedly take out the invading alien forces.

Mononoke Slashdown

Mononoke Slashdown is a side-scrolling, hack and slash game from F K Digital. As the ninja Kagemaru, you embark on a quest to save numerous townspeople from monsters and demons. As you move through the game and complete levels, you’ll earn money to unlock new powers and abilities.

There will be another two PlayStation Mobile free games rotated in next week, so be sure to check back next Wednesday.

Have you played either of these games? What did you think of them? Let everyone know in the comments below.