Ask PSLS: What do you Hope is Announced at E3 2014?

May 28, 2014Written by Jason Dunning


As we creep closer to E3, our E3-themed Ask PSLSs continue on, with the latest question simply asking: What do you hope is announced at E3 2014?

Anthony Severino – MK10! (@Sev_Anthony)

If we’re being dramatic in our replies, then I want the last announcement of Sony’s press conference to be Shuhei Yoshida taking the stage to show a re-debut trailer of The Last Guardian on the PS4… then announce that it’s on store shelves tomorrow, smile, then stage dive into the crowd of fans going fucking wild at the presser.

If we’re being realistic, I want EA to do a Road Rash update, Konami to bring out a Contra game that’s true to the originals, and for another Mortal Kombat game.

Cameron Teague – Girls, Girls, Girls

I want Sony to announce a game where you rub the front and back of your Vita to make girls happy and increase their stats and abilities… oh wait, they already did that and I am playing it…

Really though, what I would want to be announced would be saved for Tokyo Game Show, but I will say I just want games. The microphone should only be used long enough to tell me the name of the game, then put it down and show the trailer, then repeat. I also wouldn’t mind a Vita TV US announcement/release date, along with a game where you can rub the front and back of your Vita to make girls… SHIT, I did it again..

Chandler Wood – He’s a Bad Gamer (@FinchStrife)

While you’ll have to listen to Bad Gamers in a week when Dan and I present the E3 Rumor Mill & Personal Predictions Extravaganza episode, I can say that all I really want is a strong Sony published title. In this week’s Bad Gamers we actually talked about how Sony is in dire need of a strong figurehead title to help be the face of the PS4 in the same way that Nathan Drake became synonymous with the PS3. What I hope is that Sony hits hard with announcements for beloved franchises that we’ve all been dying to see make a return, such as God of War, or my pipe dream announcement: the return of Crash Bandicoot.

D’yani Wood – Speaks Fluent Simlish

I have actually been thinking about the Sims 4 lately. So far I haven’t been satisfied with the stuff EA has revealed about it so far. I have a little glimmer of a hope for a decent console version to be announced (or even hinted at)! So, I hope E3 is when they’ll finally tell me what I wanna know!

Dan Oravasaari – The Dan in the Mirror (@FoolsJoker)

What Chandler said, but with more Mirror’s Edge release dates.

Heath Hindman – Too Good to be True (@TheHeathHindman)

Instead of hoping for something specific to be announced, I’m hoping that the things announced actually happen.  I’ve become somewhat accustomed to E3 being a bunch of synthetic hype held up on a stage and then nothing actually happening afterward.  This year, I hope that changes.

Jason Dunning – God of Racing (@Jasonad21)

It sucks that I have to hope Sony will announce some big AAA exclusives for the PlayStation Vita (rather than just expecting them), but here we are. If they do reveal some, I’d like to see a new Uncharted, a God of War, and maybe even a Ratchet & Clank title.

For the PS4/PS3, The Last Guardian is always on my wishlist, and for something new, I wouldn’t mind a PlayStation All-Stars Kart Racing.

Louis Edwards – Uncharted! (@ftwrthtx)

Uncharted PS4 release date in 2014.

What do you hope is announced at E3 2014? Let us know in the comments below.