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Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Boss Retiring This Month

August 19, 2014Written by Zarmena Khan


President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Hiroshi Kawano is retiring from the company later on this month. According to a press release from SCEJA this morning, board member and VP Admin & Control, Atsushi Morita, will step up to take his position on September 1, the same day that the company plans on holding a PlayStation press conference. 

Kawano joined SCEJA in 1985 and held various roles over the course of his tenure. Apart from his current role, his other notable positions include General Manager of Sony Europe, and Senior Vice President of Consumer Sales. Not only is Kawano in charge of the PlayStation brand in Japan, he has also played a key role in the launch of PlayStation 4 worldwide. 

We wish him all the best, and congratulations to Morita on his new role.

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