Zombie Army Trilogy Releasing Worldwide on March 6, Expect a “Stiff Challenge”

February 7, 2015Written by Zarmena Khan


Developer Rebellion has announced that its upcoming tactical shooter Zombie Army Trilogy is set to release worldwide on March 6 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. 

Addressing the question of why the game, which was originally a PC title, was coming to the PS4, Creative Director Jason Kingsley said that his studio was “impressed” by how Sniper Elite 3 performed on the hardware. 

We always wanted to support as many platforms as possible, but the consoles at the time couldn’t handle the PC tech we were pushing. With so many people emailing and Tweeting us about it, we had to first prove to ourselves ‎that it was viable both in terms of game dev, and financially.

Later that year we started getting dev kits for PS4, and were impressed with how Sniper Elite 3 performed on the hardware. It was then the penny dropped and we realised, “We can do this – let’s bring Zombie Army to consoles.”

Kingsley also said that players should expect a “stiff challenge,” and while they can go solo, Zombie Army Trilogy is best played in co-op, which allows up to four players to team up. He also mentioned that the game borrows a little bit from Sniper Elite.

Sniper Elite is very much in the game’s DNA so the infamous X-ray Kill Camera is back – but this time you’ll see the rotten insides and bones of the undead.

With reference to an abundance of zombie games hitting the market, Kingsley said that it’s “hipster” now for people to shoot these games down, but he believes that zombie games are “a genre in their own right.”

Do you agree with Kingsley?

[Source: PlayStation]