Leaked Destiny Details Include Information on Inferno Mode for the Crucible

February 23, 2015Written by Mark Labbe

Remember all those details about Destiny‘s “House of Wolves” expansion that were recently leaked? Well, the same guy has found out some new details on a new Inferno mode for the Crucible.

In the above video, Arekkz Gaming goes into some of the details of the mode. Some glimpses of how the mode will be played can be seen, and it looks like the Inferno mode will require the “House of Wolves” DLC to play. In terms of gameplay, the mode appears to focus only on killing other players, with little motivation to try to get points through secondary objectives.

What do you think about the leaked Inferno mode for Destiny? Is it something you will try out?

[Source: Arekkz Gaming (YouTube), Reddit via VG247]