Tekken 7 Images Datamined, Four Characters Shown

March 19, 2015Written by Mark Labbe

Leaked Tekken 7 Image

Some images of Tekken 7 characters have been datamined and posted online, and they looks pretty awesome.

Thanks to Twitter user Flying Wonkey, four characters have been revealed. Looking at the gallery below, the first image reveals Devil Jin, while the second shows off Jin Kazama. The last two images apparently feature unknown characters, although NeoGAF users seems to think that the big red guy is probably a sort of boss character.

To get a glimpse of some more characters, check out the official trailer that was released for the upcoming fighting game a few months ago. The Japanese arcade versions of Tekken 7 are already out, and the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One versions are expected to come out at a later date this year. Which character do you want to play as first?

[Source: Flying Monkey (Twitter) via NeoGAF]