Some Dudes Play and React to Natsuiro High School for an Hour

June 10, 2015Written by Heath Hindman

Above, Dengeki’s Pro Gamers play and react to D3 Publisher’s Natsuiro High School. It’s a long one, so grab popcorn or book for later viewing.

The video is a big official thing with a lot of talking and hoopla, but you can skip to a little after the 15 minute mark for people to start actually playing the game.

Natsuiro High School is for PS3 and PS4, and like most cross-gen PS4 games, probably wouldn’t look much different if it were a PS4 exclusive, given D3’s usual budget and sales expectations. It was released last week in Japan and seems like a longshot for international territory. For those who don’t wanna wait around, I suppose it’s good that PS3 and 4 are region free, and that game import stores are a thing.