Rocket League Update 1.05 Out This Month, Adds ‘Find New Match’ Option to Ranked & More

September 3, 2015Written by Jason Dunning


Further discussing Rocket League update 1.05, which is set to arrive “in 2 weeks or less,” developer Psyonix confirmed that it will include a few more big features, such as the ability to cycle through the music and play another Ranked match immediately after one ends:

FUN FACT: Our next update (in two weeks or less) will add a music player interface to menu screens so you can cycle through the game’s tunes.

BTW, the 1.05 Update (available in 2 weeks or less) will add the “Find New Match” option to Ranked endgame screen (sorry it took so long).

Asked if we might be able to hear the music while in a match, they replied, “Not at this time, no. That’s a much bigger design/ impact on the game question with heavy UI implications.”

Also, in response to someone who asked if we might be able to automatically start another Ranked match after one ends, Psyonix said, “That is possible in Unranked games. Due to skill changes after every game, Ranked lobbies must be reassembled every match.”

There was a variety of other update 1.05 topics discussed, which we’ve placed below:

  • Due to demand, “PC players will be able to filter PS4 players out of their matchmaking search.” This feature is already available on PS4.
  • There are no immediate plans to let you join players in a party on another platform. “Major system to build, lots of regulations to navigate. We have private match name/ pass now, though. Which allow you to search for and setup games with friends regardless of platform (added in our last update).”
  • “Yep. v1.05 will correct the issue that caused PC players to appear nameless to PS4 players following suspend/resume.”
  • “PS4 Text chat will properly work after suspend/ resume in v1.05 too.”
  • They’re looking at ways for people to report players for being bad team members, but it’s a “huge question with a lot of technical implications.”
  • Update 1.05 “will have improved [save] corruption protection to help. Part of the challenge is power outages, playing from multiple systems without managing cloud saves, etc, can all be sources.”
  • There won’t be any new maps in 1.05, “but we will be making some updates/ fixes/ refinements/ changes to Utopia in there.”
  • The Attack flag is coming in 1.05 due to popular demand.

As well, details on the next paid DLC should arrive in a few weeks.

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