DriveClub Update 1.22 Today Fixes Issues With Racing Wheel

September 8, 2015Written by Jason Dunning

Requiring just a 50MB download and bringing the total size of all patches to around 11.4GB, DriveClub update 1.22 was released earlier today to address issues with the Thrustmaster T100 wheel, as Game Director Paul Rustchynsky said:

Back on Friday, DriveClub and its Season Pass saw a price drop on the European PlayStation Store, with a new trailer detailing what you get in the Season Pass. According to Rustchynsky, the price drop is also coming to North America very soon.

In addition to an Easy Mode, here’s what else Evolution Studios is working on for the future of DriveClub:

  • Development of Private multiplayer lobbies is well underway! When it’s added you’ll be able to modify the rules and settings for private multiplayer events with friends.
  • New tracks are in the works, plus we’re going to add many more SPRINT mode tracks for you to play in Time Trial & Challenges!
  • DriveClub app: The game and servers have changed significantly since we first brought out the MyDriveClub app last year, so we’re currently building a new app and will share more info when we can.
  • More Game Updates: As always we will continue to make improvements and add features based on your feedback. Please keep sharing your thoughts with us to help us evolve the game around you.

Are you planning on buying the DriveClub Season Pass?

[Source: DriveClub (Twitter)]