Bungie Debunks Numerous Destiny Fan Theories About Cut Content

September 9, 2015Written by Mark Labbe


There are many, many fan theories regarding possible cut content from Destiny, but The Taken King Creative Director Luke Smith says that most of them are false.

In a post of NeoGAF, Smith commented on a whole slew of different theories, including ones on Exotic Weapons, specific items, and parts of the story, saying that “almost all of this is fan fiction.”

Love you guys, but sorry to wet blanket. 

Almost all of this is fan fiction mixed with some hopes gleaned from ViDOCs from when Destiny was in development infancy in the forever ago.

Check out the actual NeoGAF post to see the long list of debunked theories. And remember, Destiny: The Taken King is coming up, and will be out on September 15. Be sure to check out our preview of it.

[Source: NeoGAF via GameSpot]