One of Destiny’s Most Powerful Exotics Probably Won’t Return Before Year Three

September 15, 2015Written by Mark Labbe

Gjallarhorn Destiny

It doesn’t look like the powerful Exotic rocket launcher, Gjallarhorn, will be around in Year Two of Destiny.

According to Luke Smith, the Creative Director of Destiny‘s The Taken King expansion, a few powerful weapons, including Gjallarhorn, made the game unbalanced, and thus had to be removed.

When Gjallarhorn is the only answer it unbalances the game. It also goes against our philosophy for exotics – they should be situational and if there is something that you want to use and never change it goes against our desire for a game with horizontal opportunities for progression.

Gjallarhorn is the answer to the question ‘why are you making me fight bullet sponges?’

It’s a balancing act across a variety of teams – we want to look at the PVP and PVE games and do something for both. There’s an exotic handcannon overbalance right now, which is why we’re nerfing Thorn and The Last World and not bringing them forward.

We’re deliberately leaving Ice Breaker behind because ultimately it presents a way for you to play the game that ultimately isn’t that engaging,

Smith went on to say that Gjallarhorn “isn’t coming back this year,” but it could come back at a later time.

We’ve been pretty upfront about saying Gjallarhorn isn’t coming back this year. But in a world where [Gjallarhorn creator] Feizel Crux’s great creation returns it won’t be slayer of gods that it once was.

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[Source: Eurogamer]